Who We Are

Shawn McCLondon – Chief Executive Officer is the brainchild of San Diego based entrepreneur, Shawn McClondon. Armed with a computer science degree from Fresno State University, Shawn first began his web development and consulting business in 1998. His technology background includes both corporate and private ventures, with an emphasis in marketing. With roots in the entertainment industry, McClondon is up close and personal with the challenges that artists face in one of the most competitive industries in the world, especially for the aspiring artist.

Our Philosophy

On Talent

We believe that when true talent shares itself with the world, we are all inspired – inspired to do great things, inspired to reach higher, inspired to make the world a better place. We share a love and appreciation for talent from all disciplines and are passionate about helping them succeed. We understand the challenges faced by independent talent and we’re here to help them navigate the global marketplace.

On Marketing

We believe that effective marketing in this day and age requires a truly dynamic web presence optimizing multiple media. More than just web design and programming, it requires effective project management, an understanding of internet marketing, optimization of search engine/directory ranking, e-commerce, creative writing, content development, Flash animation and of utmost importance, user friendly navigation.

On Social Responsibility

We believe it is the responsibility of the strong to lift up the weak and downtrodden. We are a socially conscious business committed to support of charitable causes through multi-media events. The events serve a three-fold agenda. They are intended to provide a platform for aspiring talent to exhibit their talent, create stimulating environments for networking and raise support and awareness of humanitarian causes. The main aim of a social enterprise is to further its social goals. This need not be incompatible with making a profit. Social enterprises are for ‘more-than-profit’.