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Your home page is where 90% of your visitors will land when looking for your band, making this the most important page on your site. Make sure it includes current news on the band, a music sampling and link to album info and sales, links to social networks and dynamic multi-media content. Make sure presentation is clean and organized. Have clear links to other important sections to the band website, such as band bio, photo gallery, video gallery, fan capture, management and booking contact info, discography, and very important – your band’s store.

Merchandising is your bread and butter and can be the means to funding your music. Don’t forget to include sharable, promotional content, such as wallpapers, graphics and ringtones – this is your viral marketing material. Link your social media community profiles back to your home page so you can unclutter your profile pages, making the page load faster and more viewer friendly. A presence on social network communities are essential, but not as a stand alone. With over 70 million unique visitors per year each, Myspace and Facebook are vital to your web presence. If a potential fan looks for you on Myspace and can’t find you, you’ve lost a fan. But, with more than 8 million bands and artists with Myspace profiles, you have to distinguish yourself with a dedicated website. Producers, venue owners and media will opt fora professional, invested, self-promoting band over one that is not. If you don’t take your music seriously, neither will they.

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