B.O.O.M. Certification Program

Certification Programs

Our unique certification program is the first and only program of it’s kind offered to artist/bands. Our certification program takes advantage of Social Media and other online trends. At completion of our certification program the artist or band has the education and tools to effectively run their career like a business.

Our B.O.O.M. certification program includes the following:
  • Artist Development
  • Online Distribution
  • Online Promotion
  • Ongoing Support & Education Services (Free for the first month)
  • You must attend the entire 3 part series of Music Biz 3.0 Seminars
  • You must also attend 1 Seminar given by our partner I Rush Music
The Benefits
  • No binding contracts
  • Save money & cut cost
  • Maintain creative control of the music, brand & merchandise
  • Maintain identity and freedom of expression
  • Stay on the cutting edge of current trends
  • Create a foundation that will allow you to take advantage of the continued growth of the internet and social media
  • Grow and develop at your own pace
  • Create the choice between a record contract and staying independent
  • Make a record contract more likely by become less of a financial risk for a record company through demonstrating success at managing your career like a business.
  • Gather statistics to validate your online success, creating leverage for future contract negotiations
  • Make the choice to stay independent a more appealing option by increasing revenue and exposure opportunities
  • Look more professional
  • IAHO will handle the online part to free you up to concentrate on the music, resulting in better music
  • Receive placement of the IAHO certification badge on your profiles and web page at the completion of the program